Thursday, December 6, 2012

Habits of a Cat

A Cat's Legacy: Dulcey's Story by Dee Ready was made available as a free book on the anniversary of the death of E.C. Stilson's son and was one of the books available for free by Wayman Publishing during their Christmas Book Fair.  I obtained it as one of the three books I choose from E.C.

This e-book is about the twelve habits cats and humans should have.  Dulcey tells about each habit and then Dee, her human tells about the same habit. I guess I am used to reading things from a cat's viewpoint since I first read Midnight Louis' adventures which he shares with Carole Nelson Douglas in their book series.

As a the human of three cats, I am aware of some of their habits but mine have not confided in me the way Dulcey has with Dee.  They do help you through grief that you have when one of the household dies or goes missing as happened with our KITT.  We did, however, make our house a three cat house again when we found Reese.  I know our cats missed KITT as he was laid back and at 14 or older he certainly did not have the energy that 5 month old Reese has.  KITT was my lap cat, the one cat who could help me get through anything, I still miss him. 

I really liked this e-book, it made me laugh and it made me cry.  I don't know if it helped me discoveer what my cat's heartwishes are, though I am sure Skittles would wish Reese would be less active and leave her alone.  She is content to sit in a sunbeam and come to you when she wants to be loved unless she is next to you, then you should be petting her.  Snicker's would like to spend more time outside - he loves to escape especially when we are going out.  Miss Reese just wants something or someone to play with.  They all want to be feed and have fresh water and clean litter.  I am trying to get Reese to spend time on my lap, she will stay there for a short time unless it is nap time, then she'll stay longer.  She does come and sleep near me when I go upstairs early or for a nap.

This book is a must read for any cat lover or anyone owned by one!

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