Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Homecoming and More

The Maverick's Christmas Homecoming by Teresa Southwick is my third Christmas book.  I was expecting to only read two books for this challenge and find myself on my fourth.  I will not blog separately about the fourth book but will put it only on Goodreads.
Chef Shane Roarke comes to Thunder Canyon to find his realparents.  Though to the world at large he is just there to cook at the Gallatin Room.  He falls for Gianna Garrison who is a waitress in the restauant.  She soon becomes his confidant and his love as she helps him find out who his mother was.  A private eye found that his father was in jail.  Thanks to Gianna he visits his father and finds out the identity of his mother.  Unfortunately, his natural brother does not believe him until he finds out it is true and tells Shane on Christmas. 
I must admit it was the fact that Walmart was offering three books for $9.99 that led me to this book as well as the first book I read for this challenge.  The other book I am reading is my Heather Graham and it is actually a re-read.
I also watched two wonderful Christmas movies on Hallmark this past weekend.  The Christmas Bride was about a women who had walked out of her weddings.  She falls for the man while helping him re-decorate his place and the wedding is very spontaneous - she is not given the chance to walk out on him.
The second movie was about a young man who needs a new heart.  A young man becomes brain dead after an accident and his mother must decide to donate his heart.  He is a match.  There is a storm and the power goes out at the airport before the plane with the heart arrives.  Freinds and family of the boy set out luminaries to help guide the plane down.  Then they must get the heart to the hospital on time.  It is a wonderful story to watch especially at this time of year.   

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