Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Inheriting His Secret Christmas Baby

Inheriting His Secret Christmas Baby by Heidi Betts is my choice for family relationship.  Trevor Jarrod had a one night stand that resulted in the woman having a baby.  The baby's mother died two months after giving birth and Bradley was being raised by his aunt Haylie.  Once paternity is established Trevor says they will be married.  The lady refuses and leaves town.  Does he really love her or does he just want to have his son in his life.

This is a great ending to the six books about the Jarrod Dynasty.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What an Animal 2015

1.. That Old Flame of Mine by J.J. Cook
2. Cat Man Deux (A Mo the Shelter Cat Mystery) by Maureen Murphy Williams
3. Catastrophe (A Mo the Shelter Cat Mystery) by Maureen Murphy Williams 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Claiming Her Billion-Dollar Birthright

This is the first book in a series about the Jarrod Family. They are written by different authors but united under Silhouette's Desire imprint.  It is written by Maureen Child.

This book introduces Erica Prentice who was Don Jarrod's child by a woman he loved while separated from his wife. Erica did not know about this until after he died. Don's will left her a portion of the estate but she had to move to Aspen. The lawyer who delivered the news to her, christian Hanford, fell in love with her almost immediately. The problem was that he had a clause in his contract that he could not be with a Jarrod or he would be fired.

I am using this for the _ing of the What's in a Name.

I am reading the rest of the series.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tailing a Tabby


Tailing a Tabby is my animal in the title book for What;s in a Name Challenge.  Tabby refers to a stripped cat which Eddie the Bookmobile Cat fits.

Minnie Hamilton had rescued Eddie in the first book in this series.  She drives the bookmobile as she is the assistant director of the local library.  She is stopped by a woman whose husband is having a stroke.  He turns out to be a famous artist and is accused of murder.  Minnie does all she can to investigate the case and clear his name.  Eddie helps by giving her clues by tearing newspaper or running to various places.

Eddie is a very intelligent cat, he comments on what he hears.  It is very easy to fall in love with him. This book is even better than the first one in the series.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Alphabet Soup

E  Expecting the Rancher's Heir (Dynasties: The Jarrods #3) by Kathie De Nosky
F Falling For His Proper Mistress (Dynasties: The Jarrods #2) by Tessa Radley
T That Old Flame Of Mine (Sweet Water Fire Brigade Mystery #1) by J.J. Cook
W Wedding His Takeover Target (Dynasties: The Jarrods Book 5) by Emilie Rose

Monday, January 5, 2015


I decided that I was trying to do too many challenges in 2014.  I have cut back to the folling:
Just For Fun
What an Animal 2015
What's In a Name 2015
Alphabet Soup 2015
Crusing with the Cozies 2015

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What's In a Name 2014 Finished

  • A reference to time (Eleven Minutes, Before Ever After) A Midwinter's Tail (Magical Cats #6) by Sofie Kelly
  • A position of royalty (The People’s Queen, The Last Empress, The Curse Of The Pharaoh) Marquis in a Minute by Roni Denholtz
  • A number written in letters (The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, A Tale Of Two Cities)  Sixkill by Robert B. Parker
  • A forename or names (Rebecca, Eleanor & Park, The Unfinished Work Of Elizabeth D.) Nancy Dale Army Nurse by Ruby Lorraine Radford
  • A type or element of weather (Gone With The Wind, Red Earth Pouring Rain) 
    Saving Raine (The Drone Wars, #1) by Frederick Lee Brooke
Bonus was a school subject>  Bewitching Boots (A Renaissance Faire Mystery #7) byJoyce and Jim Lavene