Monday, September 2, 2013

Seed No Evil


Seed No Evil by Kate Collins is my S book for the A-Z challenge.  The diretor of Protecting Animal Rights is murdered.  Abby's mother is the chief suspect.  But, Abby is scheduled to get married in two weeks and Marco seems to have his own secrets.  Will the wedding take place?  Will Seedy find a home?  Will the shelter stay as a No Kill shelter?

Seedy is a three legged dog who was the mother of Seedling - a puppy that Tara (Abby's niece) wants to adopt.  Seedy took to Abby immediately.  Abby is able to convince Tara's parents to let her work at the shelter and eventually to adopt Seedling. The sister of the murdered head of the shelter says she never wanted to change the shelter.

Of course, the murder is not the only problem.  The Gazebo in the park where Abby wanted to be married is destroyed and it will not be re-built in time for the wedding.  Abby lets her future mother-in-law help her find an alternative.

I must admit that I cried at the wedding.  Marco had secretly built a small gazebo for them to be married in.  A surprise ring bearer turns out to be Seedy who Marco had adopted.  How could I not cry.  Seedy found a home, the wedding happens and the shelter does not change and most of all - Abby's mother was cleared.
As to who actually committed the murder - you will have to read the book and decide for yourself.