Friday, July 26, 2013

One Hex of a Wedding

One Hex of a Wedding fits What's in a Name 6 because a wedding is a celebration.

Emerald O'Brien is about to marry her fiance, Joe.  But, events keep happening that it seems that the wedding will not occur.  First, Joe is wounded by a gunshot and Emerald's ex becomes the prime suspect.  Then her gown is found in tatters and the band cancels.  Everytime she puts on a necklace that her sister sent her, she gets this weird feeling.  When she finally researches the history of the necklace, she finds there was a ancient curse on it that a friend removes by putting the item in holy water.  By investigating, Emerald finds that Joe was not the prime target, their friend was and her maid of honor is also in danger.  Maeve not only gives Emerald the perfect dress, but she makes sure the wedding does occur.

I was familiar with sage being used to cleanse by American Indians as I had a class where we studied different cultures.  Emerald is in touch with the spirit world and used her powers for good.  I enjoyed reading this paranormal mystery and would recommend it to others.  It is the fifth book in a series but does well as a stand-alone.  I had not read the other books and could enjoy this one.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Am Spock

I Am Spock by Leonard Nimoy has been on my shelf for awhile.  I read I Am Not Spock when it came out and decided that this would be my Non-Fiction Book for the Literary Exploration challenge. This is my I book for A-Z.

Mr. Nimoy uses conversations between himself and the character, Spock to help set the tone of this autobiography.  It covers his life from the beginnings of Star Trek (the original series) until the end of Star Trek VI (the Undiscovered Country).  It includes his experiences as an actor and director.

I have had the opportunity to see Mr. Nimoy speak at some of the New York Star Trek Conventions and on stage as Vincent.  I also watched him on Mission Impossible, Star Trek and in the story of Golda.  It is interesting to see the struggle he went through being accepted as a director of comedy and then of drama.

This book should be read by Mr. Nimoy's fans as well as fans of Star Trek.  It shows that he accepted the fact that he will always be connected with his most famous role.

Oak and Dagger

Oak and Dagger by Dorothy St. James is my 14th book in the Cozy Reading Challenge.
It is part of the White House Gardener series.

Casey Calhoun is a gardener at the White House.  Frida Collingsworth, the White House's curator, accuses Gordon of stealing he research and notes about Dolley Madison.  The President decided to dig holes for two trees in honor of his children.  Unfortunately, he hits a pipe and mud and water shot up from the hole.  Casey and the secret service grab the President to pull him away.  

Later, Gordon Sims, the chief gardener is found face down in the Koi pond.  Casey and her sidekick Special Agent Jack Turner perform CPR on Gordon until the medical staff arrives.  An ambulance takes Gordon to the hospital.  Because Gordon feels like a father to Casey, she does not want to lose him.  Casey decides to look for Gordon's tools as he went out to trim a hedge.  She finds his pruning saw and Frida's body.

Casey sets put to find Frida's killer and clean Gordon as his prints were on the saw.  She also is trying to find seeds or plants to duplicate a historical garden and find the missing documents.  While she is doing this, Casey winds up meeting her father, who had disappeared years before.  

I love these books.  The descriptions make you feel you are there.  The characters are wonderful.  I love the way Jack's house is described.  I look forward to reading further adventures of the White House gardeners.