Friday, July 26, 2013

One Hex of a Wedding

One Hex of a Wedding fits What's in a Name 6 because a wedding is a celebration.

Emerald O'Brien is about to marry her fiance, Joe.  But, events keep happening that it seems that the wedding will not occur.  First, Joe is wounded by a gunshot and Emerald's ex becomes the prime suspect.  Then her gown is found in tatters and the band cancels.  Everytime she puts on a necklace that her sister sent her, she gets this weird feeling.  When she finally researches the history of the necklace, she finds there was a ancient curse on it that a friend removes by putting the item in holy water.  By investigating, Emerald finds that Joe was not the prime target, their friend was and her maid of honor is also in danger.  Maeve not only gives Emerald the perfect dress, but she makes sure the wedding does occur.

I was familiar with sage being used to cleanse by American Indians as I had a class where we studied different cultures.  Emerald is in touch with the spirit world and used her powers for good.  I enjoyed reading this paranormal mystery and would recommend it to others.  It is the fifth book in a series but does well as a stand-alone.  I had not read the other books and could enjoy this one.

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