Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Am Spock

I Am Spock by Leonard Nimoy has been on my shelf for awhile.  I read I Am Not Spock when it came out and decided that this would be my Non-Fiction Book for the Literary Exploration challenge. This is my I book for A-Z.

Mr. Nimoy uses conversations between himself and the character, Spock to help set the tone of this autobiography.  It covers his life from the beginnings of Star Trek (the original series) until the end of Star Trek VI (the Undiscovered Country).  It includes his experiences as an actor and director.

I have had the opportunity to see Mr. Nimoy speak at some of the New York Star Trek Conventions and on stage as Vincent.  I also watched him on Mission Impossible, Star Trek and in the story of Golda.  It is interesting to see the struggle he went through being accepted as a director of comedy and then of drama.

This book should be read by Mr. Nimoy's fans as well as fans of Star Trek.  It shows that he accepted the fact that he will always be connected with his most famous role.

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  1. I LOVE Star Trek. I really need to read this book :)