Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Book

Heather Graham;s Home in Time for Christmas is my forth Christmas book.  Jake Mallory is hung in New York City in 1776 on Christmastide or was he?  Jake is found by Melody Tarleton in the 21st Century.  He is dressed in Revolutionary Period Clothing and claim's that he was exucuted by the British.

Melody brings him home to Gloucester to her home which turns out to be his old home as well.  There are differences - the house has electricity and indoor plumbing.  Luckly, some of her brother's clothes fit Jake.  Mrs. Tarleton has found some old diaries in the house which mention a Jake and a Serena.  Then, Mark, a close friend who wants to marry Melody comes home.  Mark tells Jake he is her fiance which Melody disagrees with.  She is not in love with Mark.  She does fall in love with Jake. 

There is a Wiccan Ball where Jake plays music and Mark drinks too much.  The Tarletons try to return Jake to the past but Mark interfers and drinks a potion.  Mark winds up back in time and meets Jake's sister Serena.  He was in love with her. 

It takes several attempts before Mark winds up in the past with Serena and Jake in the present with Melody. 

This is the 2nd time, I have tried to finish this book.  I think I got interrupted and never finished it the first time, I read it.  I did not remember the ending.

I loved this book and would not mind reading it again, next year at the same time.

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