Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wicked Weaves

Wicked Weaves is the first of Joyce and Jim Lavene's Renaisance Faire Mysteries.  I read Ghastly Glass first only because it was bought first.

The Renaisance Faire is buit on an old Air Force Base.  Jessie Morton is studying for her Ph. D.  She is apprenticing with crafters at the Faire.  She has been working there in some capacity since she graduated college.  Mary Shift is the master basket weaver that Jessie is working with in this book.  

A man is found dead in the village.  He turns out to be Mary's husband from whom she has been separated from.  Her brother-in-law also shows up at the village as does Mary's son who she believed had died.

Jessie and the village's baliff, Chase try to find out who the killer was.  Their adventures in searching for the murderer and with each other are described.

I love how the village is described as well as the various costumes of the characters.  The authors make me want to actually visit the place they have created.  It would be an interesting place to visit.

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