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Trumpet by Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes is set in the Regency Period.  William Trumpet was an actor and his daughter wishes she could follow in his footsteps.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Trumpet does not want her daughter to do so.  When Mrs. Trumpet dies of diphtheria, Mr. Trumpet goes into a state in which he no longer speaks.  Until, one day, he starts speaking as if he were acting again.

In order to bring in some money and pay her father's debts, Elizabeth eventually gets a job at Sadler's Wells Theatre.  She sings and learns to dance.  As time goes by, she winds up showing her skills with a sword.  She marries a fellow actor but keeps her own name.  Soon, she becomes a better actress than her husband and a very good singer.  He becomes very jealous of her.  One day, after she was singing, he beats and rapes her, she winds up leaving the country with some friends.

When Elizabeth returns, she is debuting as Ophelia and her husband sets fire to her dress.  Unfortunately, no one saw him.  They have a duel and she cuts him where it hurts the most and leaves the country again.  She winds up meeting an old friend and helping him in Egypt.  

The whole book centers of Elizabeth and her family and friends.  I do not wish to tell more as it would give away too much.  It almost seemed to me that the Hayes left things open enough that they could do another book about her further adventures.  The authors do include some people who did live in the period that Elizabeth if she really existed would have met.  They did extensive research and use it in the book.

I very much enjoyed Elizabeth's story and the background in which it is set.  The settings are described as are the costumes and artifacts.  I would recommend this book to everyone.

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