Monday, July 2, 2012

First Chapters

Question 1.  I have never gone to any famous band concerts.  The Almost Famous Wellsboro Town Band does not have a t-shirt so I picked one from the Monkees as I loved the tv show and would have loved to have seen them in person.  This is my tribute to the late Davy Jones.

Question 2.  The worst chore you where told to do.  The worst thing I can think of was having to put clothes through a wringer.  I hated going down to the basement anyway and hated putting things through the wringer.  Too long ago to have any pictures.  Probably, mother would have had me do that.

Question 3.

Toshiba Satelite Computer and
Hard drive

In Mansfield PA
Copy of Hobo Finds A Home
Autographed by Hobo and his ghost writer
Question 4.

Rachelle \r(a)-
chellerach(el)-le\ as a girl's name is a variant of Rachel (Hebrew), and the meaning of Rachelle is "ewe, female sheep". See also Richelle.
The baby name Rachelle sounds like RashelleRaychelleRachellRachele and Rochelle. Other similar baby names are LachelleMachelle and Rachelce.
I use the Raychelle pronunciation.  My nickname growing up was Shelly which comes from the chelle part of my name.  Now, I use Rae or Ray which is the way I like my name said.

Question 5. I was never grounded for anything I did or did not do by my parents.  My high school had a problem with stolen silverware from a lunch and sent everyone home to get what they had and bring them back.  I went to a friends house as I had not taken anything.


  1. I would be in big trouble if I ever lost my laptop or hard drive. I really need to be better about backing things up just in case.

    That is too funny that your high school sent everyone home to bring back the silverware. How great!

  2. Ack! That would be horrible to lose a computer. I cried when I broke the screen of my phone, let alone lose it. I think I may have ended up in the fetal position rocking in the corner.

    A clothes ringer??!! I haven't seen one in person ever, but wow, that would have sucked. Although, I really wish my in-laws in Albania had one of those things. I hated wringing clothes by hand there. I gave up eventually and just hung them up kinda wet. They took longer to dry, but I kept myself slightly saner than I otherwise would have. LOL!

    (ps you may want to think about turning off your CAPTCHA. It's that think that makes you put in a code to leave a comment. A lot of people won't leave comments if it's on)

  3. Eek! I think I'd cry if I lost my computer O_O

    That wringer looks horrid *shudders*

    :) Aeicha
    Word Spelunking

  4. I loved The Monkees! The show was my favorite. And I would be lost without my laptop. I sometimes think I'm too careless with it, so I should be more careful.

    I like Rae was a nickname, but Shelly is pretty too.

  5. The Monkees! Love them. OMG Thank goodness I have not lost my laptop yet. I've lost my car though! haha dang a lot of people stole silver wear if they sent everyone home to get it!