Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ugly Princess

The Ugly Princess by Elizabeth K. Burton is a story about the Kingdom of Abernal. The heir to the throne has been in exile since infancy. When the King dies, it is up to the Royal Champion to make sure the the Ugly Princess gets her crown. We meet Bartrim Ruford who is the Seneschal to the House of Rediman who with his wife seems to be the person who sees that the castle is clean, supplies ordered and acts to protect the reigning monarch when the Royal Champion is away. We also meet Dagger Jack who is a thief and escape artist and as we find out in the end (spoiler alert) is also the illegitimate son of the King who died and thus brother of the Ugly Princess. This is a story of how Sir Christopher Evergild, the Royal champion gets the Princess home and how he manages to protect her and her kingdom. It is also a story about love, duty and friendship. I have to admit that I consider Lisa (the author) a friend. She live in Mansfield, PA before moving to Texas. Lisa worked for the local newspapers and her children helped care for my animals. If I had not liked this book, I would have told her before anyone else, but I loved it and would like to read more about the characters. My tastes have been toward science fiction vs fantasy but if all fantasy was as easy for me to read as this one, I would probably be reading more of them.

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  1. I;m glad you enjoyed the book, it can be uncomfortable when you read a book by someone you know and don't like it!
    Thanks for sharing it with the Eclectic Reader challenge

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out