Saturday, March 31, 2012

Killer Hair

Killer Hair by Ellen Byerrum is the first of her A Crime of Fashion Mysteries. it is not the first in this series that I have read and will certainly not be the last. Lacey Smithsonian writes a column called "Crimes of Fashion" for a small Washington, D.C. newspaper. When hair stylist, Angie Woods death is ruled a suicide her friend and fellow stylist, Stella does not believe it to be so. Stella asks Lacey to investigate as Angie would not have given herself a drastic haircut and then kill herself. Angie had performed a makeover on Marcia Robinson who was D.C.'s latest scandal celebrity having encouraged people to take their clothes off on the Web. When Marcia is headed in for a hearing, Lacey asks her about Angie and Marcia later calls and talks to Lacey alone. There is a threatening note from "George" who sends Lacey a lock of hair which turns out to have been Angie's. Two more people are killed and Lacey has a lock of hair cut off before the crimes are solved by Lacey. There is a very handsome ex-cop turned private eye in the mix who becomes Lacey's boyfriend. This book is a wonderful introduction to this series of books. It is the perfect vehicle to make one want to read more about Lacey. It has wonderful descriptions of clothes and the surroundings. The cover of the copy I purchased mentions a Lifetime movie which would have been produced sometime after 2003 which is the copyright date.

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