Thursday, March 15, 2012

Skull and Dog Bones

Skull and Dog Bones is by Melissa Cleary. There is a picture of Jake, the crime solving shepherd on the cover and he plays a part in the book. Jackie Walsh teaches film courses at Rogers University. She has a son named Peter and owns a former police dog named Jake. Jackie's father Pete Costello had been a writter of popular fifties tv shows and a film professor. She gets a call from Ralph Perrin, a friend of her father, who made an appointment to see her. Jackie receives a script from him. Perrin winds up dead, a house is broken into, the script is stolen and Jake is maced. Jackie's boyfriend, Sgt Michael McGowan goes to LA with her while Jake is recovering at the vets and Peter goes to stay with his father. In Los Angeles they meet Sgt Lavan and his dog Strausse, who stiffs the mace on Jackies bag and promises to help find the person who maced her dog. The book also includes wonderful descriptions of poker games, the college and Jackie's home. There are many interesting characters they met along the way. As a former dog owner of shepherds, I enjoyed the descriptions of Jake's activities. He is very protective of his family - which holds true of the shepherds, I had. Some day, I would like to find the other books about Jake.

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