Thursday, March 1, 2012

Clouded Rainbow

Clouded Rainbow by Jonathan Sturak is available as a free e-book for Kindle from I used the Kindle for PC application. This book starts with a rainstorm and ends with a rainbow in the sky. It is a bittersweet love story.

Roger Belkin is in his office and his fish dies. He takes an object out of a drawer and heads home to his wife Lois. They have a date to go to dinner at the Hideaway. It turns out it is their anniversary and the object that was in the desk was a diamond necklace which Roger puts around Lois's neck. Unfortunately, the rain starts up again while they are driving home. There is an accident on a bridge and Lois is thrown from the car and lands in the water. There is a swim teacher who dives in and rescues her from the water. Roger is in their car and two people pull him out before the car catches fire. He is taken to one hospital and Lois is taken to another hospital.

She has no identification on her and is admitted as Jane Doe. Roger has a head injury and wakes up wondering where is his wife. The head injury makes him do things he would not normally do. A police detective is called in to find out the identity of Jane Doe.  The detective is made aware of the crimes Roger commits while trying to find his wife and tries to do all he can to re-unite them.  Unfortunately, that does not happen and Roger is killed by the police.  The detective gives Lois the picture Roger was carrying and tells her that he died trying to save her.

This book is very well written and you want to root for Roger and hope he finds his love, his dynamite wife, Lois.  The descriptions of the weather and the clothes and the various locations is wonderful.

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