Friday, March 8, 2013

Murder on the Mind

I was able to download a free copy of Murder on the Mind for my Kobo thanks to a message on one of the blogs I read.  I just noticed it is listed still as free on  I am using this as M for the A to Z book challenge.  I have had a paper edition of this book on my shelf.

Jeff Resnick was an insurance investigater but, had lost his job.  He had just won some money when he is mugged.  He suffers from a broken arm and a head injury.  After he awakens, he finds out that he is seeing and feeling things - he is now a psychic. 

Since he has used all his savings and is unable to work, Jeff's half-brother, Richard moves him to Buffalo.   He sees a man hanging like a deer.  When he reads a paper, Jeff sees a picture of the man and realizes he was murdered.  The book is filled with Jeff interviewing various people and discovering clues and evidence.  The location of part of the body was anonymously called in to the police.  Jeff finds the murderer, but unfortunately his brother is in the middle of things.

I love these books and will be reading the second one shortly.  A have owned hard copies of this series for awhile and did not remember reading this book before.  The characters are well written.  Richard has a black girlfriend and he forgets to tell others that she is black.  I would recommend these books to any mystery fan!

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