Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dear Cupid

Dear Cupid by Julie Ortolon is a e-book that I had purchased and had not read until today.  The title refers to an advice column written by Kate Bradsaw for Gwendolyn's Garden.  Kate's friend Gwen the owner of the on-line publication puts Kate on probation as she needs to relate more to her readers.  So, Kate decides she needs some romance and decides to flirt with a man in the airport while waiting for her plane to leave.  She sees a handsome man and drops her handbag and he winds up helping her to pick up things.  One of the items is a lipstick which is peach.  The man does not look wealthy.  He is Micheal Cameron, an animator for the movies.  Mike is returning home from his class reunion and realizes that he has spent his life working and his classmates are married with children.

Mike falls in love at first sight with the redheaded lady in the airport.  She had dropped a business card with a picture of a blond.  The telephone number was from the same area in which he lived.  When he turns over the card he sees a message wishing Kate, good luck from, Linda.  So, he realizes the woman's name is Kate.

Because he wants to see Kate again, Mike calls Linda's business, Rent A Wife, and asks for Kate.  When she arrives, Kate realizes Mike is the man from the airport.  She is surprised when Mike asks her to help him find a wife.  She says he needs the place remodeled and asks Linda's husband, Jim to come to Mike's to do the contracting as Linda is pregnant.

Mike eventually meets Dylan, who is Kate's son and winds up deciding having a step-son would not be bad.  He does manage to seduce Kate and they have sex.  Mike helps Kate find a new outlet for her column when she is fired.

I love the way the love story develops.  Mike slowly builds a friendship with Dylan and that lends to Kate changing her mind about him.  The book does have a happy ending.

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