Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cat Laughing Last Spring Challenge

Cat Laughing Last by Shirley Rousseau Murphy is my entry for C in A-Z challenge and for March challenge.  It also fits the What an Animal Reading Challenge and is a Cozy Mysteroy.  This book has been in my home for awhile.

Joe Grey and Dulcie with the aid of Kit discover that certain items found at yard sales contain treasure that someone will kill for.  Molena Point has been invaded by a writer and his rude wife.   The author is also casting a play at the local theater.

Thanks to the cats, the police are given enough leads to discover who the villians or villian might be.
It was a newspaper article that mentions that something was found isix weeks before in early March which gives me the clue that this book is set in springtime.  Since the setting is California, the fact that they can cut flowers does not help set the time of the story.

Unfortunately, because I was looking for something to help me date this book, it let me know too much about the solution.  As one follows the progress of the mystery, you do get the idea that all does not meet the eye.  I love the descriptions of the cats, the scenery, clothes and costumes and the people.  This is a great series to read.  One does not have to read the books in order to enjoy them.

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