Thursday, May 10, 2012

Redemption Day

Redemption Day by Steve O'Brien was obtained by me as a free e-book from for my kindle for pc application.  The book cover shown is of the book available from Barnes and Noble and cover was copied for spelling purposes.                  

According to a note at the end of this book, there is an organization known as the Posse Comitatus which feels they are justified in doing what they do. .

This book starts with the firing of Nick James, who was a contract employee at Center Tech.  He has a former girlfriend, Kate Buchanan who is an agent from the Department of Justice.  The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is kidnapped and Kate is one of the agents of various government departments assigned to the case.  A sheriff is killed and Nick's gun is found to be the murder weapon, so Nick is on the run from the law.

Nick eventually is captured and winds up helping the task force as he was an expert on the Posse.  In fact, his father as had many other farmers had joined the group as they had promised to help prevent farms from being foreclosed.  Nick's dad actually committed suicide after all was taken from them.

The group calls for Redemption Day which Nick realizes is April 19th as that was when Branch Davidian and Timothy McVeigh acted.  

Are there still people who feel that they are empowered to in act justice under the Constitution?  I am not a purist as the men who framed that document owned slaves and did not consider women to be equal.  This book really makes you realize how easily a city could be cut off from the rest of the world by blowing up a bridge and subway and causing a traffic jam could hurt D.C.  I just hope we are not that exposed to what happens in this work.  I hope government has the means to protect citizens from others who think they are above the law or are the law.


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  1. Sounds like a very intense read! I love this kind of action packed books!!