Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fifty Percent Off Murder

50% Off Murder is by Josie Belle and is the first book of "Good Buy Girls Mysteries". The Good Buy Girls are friends who love bargains. They clip and share coupons and get together to get the best buys at sales by planning ahead. The town librarian, Claire Freemont comes late to a meeting with a cake but without her cake knife. Maggie Gerber goes to visit her at the library the next day. They discover a dead man who has been stabbed with a knife. The murder weapon turns out to be Claire's knife and she is arrested by the new sheriff, Same Collins, who was Maggie's old boyfriend. The dead man is from Claire's past. Maggie and the rest of the girls try to clear Claire of the murder. They enlist the local ice cream window person as Claire's lawyer as he was a member of the bar. They find out that the dead man had been known to lend money to people and then take over there business and put in franchises which gave them some suspects. We learn a lot about the "girl" and the other members of their community while they are investigating. Will they get Claire off? Will Maggie take over the thrift shop? What other adventures will happen? Reading the book will answer the first question but, we will have to wait for more books to find out the answers to the other two questions. I love cozy mysteries and this book sure fits the bill. I certainly would recommend it to other mystery lovers.

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  1. I love cozies too! Will check this one out!