Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pink House

The Pink House is by Louise Platt Hauck and was published in 1933 by the Penn Publishing Company. This is the story of Jacelyn Westmore whose father had committed suicide after financial disaster. She finds a four room pink house off of Lake Pequoia for a price that she can afford. The house had one major problem - no water inside. There was a pump located outside and a fireplace inside. Mr. Van Cortland decided to sell the house out right vs renting it to summer tenants. It was $3,500 to buy the house. Jocelyn sees that the floor needed refinishing and there was a need for some paint. She decides to confront the seller directly. Philip Rutherford Van Cortland was a young man. He decides to look into repairs and agrees to rent old furniture to her for $100 a month. He made an excuse that he owed her some money which would cover the first few months rental. This book is really about the relationship between Jocelyn and her mother and with Mr. Cortland. Throughout the book, you see a change in relationships and wonder if they are falling in love but just don't realize that they are. Because of the age of this book, it is probably hard to find a copy except perhaps in a library or if someone were to sell their copy. I finished the book in one sitting. I would recommend it to others if they can find a copy.

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