Monday, January 30, 2012

Young Adult Genre

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"If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor" by Barbara Ehrentreu

This is the story of a size 12 teenager, Carolyn Samuels, who wishes to be popular and to become a cheerleader.  Unfortunately, Carolyn hyperventilates when under stress.  Carolyn wants to be Jennifer Taylor who wears a size 2, has straight her and has Brad as her boyfriend.  Brad is a junior and is a quarterback and the object of Carolyn's crush.  The girl's are paired for a math project.

When Carolyn falls in gym class, Jennifer covers for her.  Jen agrees to keep quiet in exchange for having her math homework done.  Since, Jennifer cannot be seen with someone in jeans and sweatshirts she remakes Carolyn.  After, spending the night at Jennifer's house, Carolyn learns Jennifer's secret.

I admit I decided to read this book because the author is a facebook friend.  I do know what it is like being in advanced classes in high school as I took mainly advanced classes.  I don't know if I could have or would have kept the secret as long as it seems Carolyn does, I might have told someone. The book is well written and it kept my interest.  It is a book that all teenage girls and their parents should read.

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