Friday, February 3, 2012

Plum Lovin' Mini Challenge

Plum Lovin' is a Between-the-Numbers Novel in the Stephanie Plum books as there is no number in the title. Bond enforcement is slow in February and Stephanie only has one person to find. Diesel is looking for a Bernie Beaner but Beaner is looking for Annie Hart, who is the person Plum is looking for. Unfortunately, Diesel has Annie who will only stay in hiding if Diesel helps with her caseload. Annie is a relationship expert and Stephanie has to help five people have a great Valentine's Day. Stephanie manages to help the five people have their great Valentine's Day and even clears Annie of the original charges against her. Since I am originally from Philadelphia it is interesting to see that one of the bridges is now the Warren Street Bridge. This book is a wonderful introduction to Ms. Plum even though it only has Joe Morelli, her cop boyfriend call her and mentions Ranger in passing. I think that I want to read more about this character. I will consider this a 5 star book when I add it to my Goodreads shelf.

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