Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Chocolate Bear Burglary

The Chocolate Bear Burglary is by JoAnna Carl.
    Lee McKinney left Texas to be the bookkeeper for her Aunt Nettie at TenHuis Chocolade in Warner Pier, Michigan.   The Chamber of Commerce decides to use "A Teddy Bear Getaway" as a theme for a mid-winter promotion.   Gail Hess, an antique dealer (and their neighbor)  gaves them some Teddy Bear molds to display which were from Timothy VanHorn.  Olivia Hart VanHorn comes to the shop to see them and almost faints.

    Jeff Godfred, Lee's former stepson runs away from Southern Methodist University in Dallas and comes to Michigan.  Lee and Nettie ask him to stay at their home and he is given a job packing chocolates for them.  Lee sees Jeff leave late at night and follows him, he winds up seeing TenHuis being broken into.  The only thing missing is one of the molds they had on display.

     Before long, Jeff is found with bloody hands, standing over Gail's body.  He is arrested and Lee spends time trying to get him out of jail.  Lee tries to reach Jeff's parents, so they can help him.  She finds herself in danger before the end of the story.

      Between some of the chapters one finds choolate trivia.  While reading I found myself wishing I could taste the chocolates that are described within this book, they sound like they would be wonderful to eat.

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