Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kiss of Fire


This book satisfies a few challenges.  It was a free e-book acquired from Amazon, it fits Fantasy as it deals with magic creatures and it has fire in the title so it fits What's in a Name 6.

Joclyn and Ryland have known each other for a long as they can remember.  Joclyn's mother works for Ryland's father.  There is one thing that Joclyn keeps hidden and that is a dragon on her neck - she keeps it covered.  She does not know that it is the symbol of the Chosen One until the day her whole world changes.

Wyn is a friend from school and it turns out that Wyn, Joclyn and Ryland are all paranormal creatures who can use magic.  Joclyn has to be taught how to use it by Ilyan who turns out to be Ryland's brother.  Unfortunately, Ryland's father has been stripping his memory.  The "good" magic bunch attempt to rescue Ryland but are unable to do so.  This is the first book in a series.

The book was intended for the YA age group but I did enjoy it.  There is some romance and great descriptions.  I certainly say that I believe there is such a thing as magic and like Joclyn we might not all know how to use it for good.

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