Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Top-Flight Fully-Automated Junior High School Girl Detective

This book is for the Up and Down Challenge of What's in a Name 6.  I am also using it for T in A-Z.

Sisters Alison and Jeannie McNair and their friend Emmeline Grant find out that their favorite show is filming near by in New York City.  They find that the police are keeping people back but they see a perfect stop across the street where they could be seen by the camera.  When it comes time for the program to air, the scene in which they were in the background occurs so fast all you can see is a blur of color.

At the viewing party, Emmeline is upset because her father's credit card is missing and purchases have been charged on it.  The girls decide to investigate the loss of the card.  In the course of their investigation, they see Miss Haverstashe who is the sister of Mr. Grant's boss at Newcharge Credit Card Company.  She asks about their television appearance as she does not have a television set.  They do not discuss the missing card with her as they are afraid she will tell her brother.

The girls find an informant who describes what someone was wearing that sounds like a priest.  They see someone dressed like the description and follow him.  He turns out to be an undercover cop.  They finally realize that the person using the card could have been a woman as Dale could be male or female.  It turns out it was a woman, the Grant's neighbor.  She promises to come clean to her brother and not let Mr. Grant get fired.

Mr. Haverstashe manages to get a videotape of the detective show and when the tape is stopped the girls can be seen in the background.  In fact, he had photos made of them.

I have had this book for awhile but just decided to read it for this challenge.  I enjoyed it very much. It was probably written for teenagers in the 70's.  The only thing that really dates it, that it is very hard to find a small black and white television anymore.It is by E.W. Hildick.

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