Friday, November 23, 2012

Baby For Christmas

A Baby For Christmas by Joanna Sims is a Harlequin Special Edition.  Captain Luke Brand is a wounded Marine who comes home for Christmas early.  He needs to make amends with the widow of his identical twin brother.  His brother was an Army ranger.   A small black kitten with golden eyes was found by the man who drove him to the Brand ranch and Luke decides to call the kitten Ranger because black and gold are the Rangers' colors.

Sophia is pregnant with Daniel's son, who was conceived on a visit he made home when there were no condoms in the house.  He did not know Sophia was pregnant when he was killed.

Luke has been in love with Sophia from the first time he saw her.  Sophia falls in love with him during the time they spend together before the rest of the Brands come home.  It takes time before they are willing to admit their love for each other.  It takes Luke's mother and a letter that Sophia finds to get her to tell him how she feels.

The baby does not make an appearance until the New Year and Luke gets to be in the delivery room during the birth.  Luke proposes with his grandmother's ring that his mother had with her.  Sophia does not say "yes" until Luke says he will not re-enlist as she does not want to lose another husband in a war.

I love the descriptions of the house and have to admit I have a soft spot when it comes to kittens.  As with other Harlequin books, the description of the main male character is very specific and in this case even includes Luke's scars.  This was an easy book to read.

I had on some of Hallmark's Christmas movies while I was reading but could not tell you what I was watching.

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