Thursday, November 22, 2012

Alphabet Challenge

"Q" Clearance by Peter Benchley

Timothy Burnham is a speechwriter for the president.  He receives an upgrade due to time in office which includes "Q" Clearance.- which means he has access to top-secret atomic information. he gains power and a paper shredder.  Most of all the President of the United States feels that Timothy is the one man who speaks the truth.  Burnham is suddenly targeted by Soviet spies.

This is a story of a man who uses vitamins to keep sober and who has allergies and needs sugar to keep from having a hypoglycemic attack.  His wife throw him out of the house after finding street people and a bug in their car and then files for Divorce.  Burnham likes to play squash and meets Eva who is a nutritionist and the daughter of a spy (which he is not aware of).  Timothy falls in love with Eva.

This is an easy book to read.  It shows some of the behind the scenes at the White House.  I could imagine that meetings with the Cabinet could get boring and the President could fall asleep and have someone awaken him as Timothy does.  I love Timothy's secretary finding out things from other secretaries and telling him about tapes.  These tapes help him get back at the man who taped them.
It is an older book which I found in the Wellsboro Public Library.  I enjoyed reading this book.

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