Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WW Updates

Names of books read are in WW End Post.


I would cover feet in stockings - wear pants, long sleeved turtle neck, clock and use sunscreen and sheets to help cover me.  It may be handy to use foil to help deflect sun till I could reach quilted silver colored windshield cover.  I would want to save my husband and two cats if you haven't and they were outside.  I can not imagine why my passport, bag and autographed copy of Margaret Sutton's Judy Bolton's  The Secret of the Sandcastle would be outside but I would have to save them.


I have a sense of humor so what better than to join Dora the Explorer at the beach.
Of course, you would need another explorer to go with you as your date so why not Indiana Jones.  Dr. Jones is good looking and intelligent what more could a girl ask for.  Just be sure there are no snakes around.

II would want a swim suit that covers.  I like the one on the left in the picture above.

Now, what to read.  How about a Star Wars books - I loved Harrison Ford in his Star Wars role, also.  I picked Deceived: Star Wars (The Old Republic)  May 26, 2012.

Challenge #2:  My favorite drink is actually Crystal Light lemonade.
Use a 2 quart container, add lemonade package, add hot water to dissolve.  Then fill with cold water (from refrigerator) and then drink and or refrigerate.

Picture is of a real lemonade.  I would call mine. Crystal Lemonade.

Most anticipated summer read.  I have the following on my desk:
This book has a bright cover and looks like a good mystery to

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