Friday, June 22, 2012

Sunrise at Sunset

This book was a read-along book for June and was obtained at Kindle store on  Sunrise at Sunset is by Jaz Primo.

I may not have chosen this book about a vampire and the man whom she chooses to love.  It is not one of the genres I would normally read.

Katrina Rawlings was known as Amber Simmons when she first meets Caleb Taylor.  Amber was trying to commit suicide by being out in the sun which is one way for vampires to die.  She changes her mind and a young boy,  Caleb Taylor helps her stay alive.  She erases his memory but decides to kept watching him.  She changed her name and moves back to Atlanta, GA and meets him again.  She decides to take his night History class.  There is an attraction but the two are not allowed to be a couple while she is a student.  After the class is finished, they are allowed to date.  Kat as Caleb later calls her manages to help Caleb, she saves him from a mugger and eventually tells him her secret.  The book follows her search for some missing vampire friends, their romance and how she handles a dangerous enemy.  The book gets rid of some of our ideas about vampires and treats them as another race vs a creature.

I like the romantic aspects of the book much more than the more violent aspects.  I especially like the  relationships between Kat and her vampire friends and the friends and Caleb.

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