Friday, April 6, 2012

Snow Place

Snow Place to Die by Mary Daheim does not take place at Judith Flynn's Bed & Breakfast but at a retreat at secluded Mountain Goat Lodge. I am using this as part of my A-Z Challenge as even though there were several murders occurring in this book there actually were a few places that made me laugh. When Judith talks about her husband being stuck with a stiff in the classy part of town. Also when her husband is worried about clean underwear and Judith wants to get the police to where she is located. Another part that made me laugh is when the park ranger was believing Judith was a nobody compared to a well-known businessman until her son comes in (who is with the Park Service) and she says, "I am somebody after all. I'm his mother." This book also meets the Cozy Mystery challenge because Snow is a form of water. Renee, Judith's cousin is to give a presentation the OTIOSE group and a caterer is needed so naturally Renee asks Judith to fill the position. The caterer from the year before had disappeared and was not found until the women get to the Lodge and discover his body. A storm comes and the women and the OTIOSE executives are trapped in the lodge. Before, the book ends there are other bodies discovered. Will they find the guilty party or parties? Will the food hold out? You don't know as they don't know while reading when the phone will work and when it won't. I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to others.

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  1. I enjoyed the Mary Daheim series, I haven't read all of them though I must admit
    Glad you enjoyed it!