Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rocky Road To Romance

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The Rocky Road to Romance by Janet Evanovich is the romance of Steve Crow the operations manager of WZZZ, an AM radio station; Daisy Adams, writer of Bones for Bowser as well as a graduate student, paper deliverer, crossing guard , cab driver, waitress and Monday morning radio personality; and Bob, the dog Steve adopts who appears on the books cover.

Daisy decides to become the weather reporter after the regular reporter breaks his leg.  Steve shows her the ropes of the job and before you know it, Daisy hits a drug dealer who was running from the police.  Steve was on his way to the pound to get a dog when this occurs.  He picks a gray and white sheepdog, to be Bob, the name of the dog he told Daisy he owned.  Bob did not fit into Steve's car so Steve who came from wealthy parents goes out and buys a SUV for cash.  Daisy cooks a meal for Bob and he gobbles it down.  The TV news show Daisy on the news being threatened by the drug dealer and Steve becomes very protective.  He wants her to hire a guard.  Daisy picks an older woman named Elsie Hawkins who carries a bag with a very large gun inside.

Unfortunately, Steve had left Bob in his condo and finds an eviction notice when he returns home.  He goes in search of a house with a big fenced-in yard which he finds within two hours.  After he shows Daisy the house, they make love for the first time and he proposes which Daisy does not take seriously.  Many other things happen, cars are stolen, there is a fire bomb and shots are fired.

I don't want to tell every thing that happens, as it will spoil the ending for anyone else who decides to read this book.  I read seven pages at first, then finished the book the next morning.  I did not want to put it down!  Though it is not a mystery, you wonder if Daisy will ever slow down, and will they wind up getting engaged before the end.  I would highly recommend this book to romance lovers and to those who enjoy books about animals as Bob keeps you guessing about what he will eat next.


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