Friday, February 10, 2017

2017 What An Animal Reading Challenge List

1. The Doctor's Calling by Stella Bagwell.   This boo`k is bout a vet and his assistant who move to a ranch and set up caring for the ranch's animals.  They each have pets and animals and the care of them are central to this romance.

2.  `Literally Murder (Black Cat Bookshop Mystery #4 by Ali Brandon.  Hamlet was the star of a cat video and he is invited to be the star attraction at a cat show in Florida.  One of the things that happens, is that he is catnapped and Darla and Jake have to find who stole him.  He also uses books to give clues to Darla so she can solve the mystery.

3.  By Familiar Means (A Witch's Cat Mystery #2)  by Delia James. Annabelle Britton is an artist wh has decided to make her home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  She has been adopted by a feline familiar named Alistair.  Anna is still learning to be a witch and has joined a coven.  Her Grandma B.B. comes to visit Portsmouth and her old coven.

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