Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Alphabet Soup

A: Assaulted Pretzel (An Amish Mystery #2) by Laura Bradford
B;  Borrowed Crime: A Bookmobile Cat Mystery by Laurie Cass
C:  Catnapped! (A Dead-End Job Mystery, #13) by Elaine Viets
D: Demise in Denim( (Consignment Shop Mystery #5) by Duffy Brown
E  Expecting the Rancher's Heir (Dynasties: The Jarrods #3) by Kathie De Nosky
F Falling For His Proper Mistress (Dynasties: The Jarrods #2) by Tessa Radley
G (The) Glassblower's Wife by Joanna Campbell Slan
H Hooked on Ewe(Scottish Highlands, #2) by Hannah Reed
I  Intensive Care by Carole Halston
J (The) Judgment by Beverly Lewis
K Knitting Bones by Monica Ferris
L Lemon Pies & Little White Lies by Ellery Adams
M Murder & Sullivan by Sara Hoskinson Frommer
N  No Turning Back by Lilane Robin
O Off Kilter (Scottish Highlands, #1) by Hannah Reed
P  Paid and Loving Eyes (Lovejoy #16) by Jonathan Gash
Q Quilts in the Attic: Uncovering the Hidden Stories of the Quilts  We Love by Karen S. Musgrave
R (A) Root Awakening (A Flower Shop Mystery, #16) by Kate  Collins
S  Still Life With Murder (Neil Sweeney Historical Mysteries,  #1) by P.B. Ryan
T That Old Flame Of Mine (Sweet Water Fire Brigade Mystery #1)  by J.J. Cook
U (The) Unwilling Umpire (An A to Z Mystery, #21) by Ron Roy
V Vague Images by Elaine Orr
W Wedding His Takeover Target (Dynasties: The Jarrods Book 5) by Emilie Rose
X (The) X-Mas Tree by Tess Marsel
Y (A) Year Down Yonder by Richard Peck
Z  Zadie the Sewing Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Magical Crafts Fairies #3) by Daisy Meadows

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