Thursday, December 12, 2013

Don't Look Behind You

Don't Look Behind You by Lois Duncan is my book for the Horror at the Literary Exploration Challenge.

As far as April Corrigan was concerned it was the end of the world when she entered the Federal Witness Program.  She lost her name, her home, her friends and competitive tennis which was her passion.  Her father was a witness at a trial and someone tried to kill him and the hired killer would not stop looking for him.  Therefore the Corrigan's had to leave their home.  They were at a hotel and a hit man tried to get in but the agent protecting them got him away from their room.  Unfortunately, the agent was murdered.

They were relocated from Virginia to Florida.  April gave her name as April Gross to a girl on the plane.  When she meets her again, she has to lie and say it was someone else.  Then they went to Disneyland and April who was now Valerie Weber, and tried not to answer when an old friend called her April.  She lies to the friend and says they were just there on vacation and she would be going home eventually. The friend tells her that her boyfriend is seeing someone else.  Valerie does not like this so she decides that she want to move in with her grandmother who remained behind.

When she finally gets to her grandmother's she finds out that the hit man had been there and her grandmother had a broken arm.  Her grandmother decides to join the rest of the family in Florida.  

Many things happen along the way and when they get back to Florida.  I do not want to give away more of the story.

I read this book all at once.  I did not want to put it done.  It is well written and you wonder what will happen next.  It could be classified also as suspenseful as well as horror.

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