Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Virgin and Zach Coulter

I am using the Virgin and Zach Coulter as my Z book for the A-Z book Challenge as I do not like zombies.

Cynthia Deacon comes home to deal with her Uncle's estate after leaving her last job because her boss wanted to get her horizontal.  She was not used to being unemployed as she had worked since she was sixteen.  She meets Zach Coulter on the street when he rescues her from another man.

Zach has inherited the family lodge which has been neglected for many years.  He decides to renovate and then re-open it.  He learns that Cynthia has experience in managing boutique hotels and decides to hire her.  They discuss salary and she decides to take the job.

The two of them try to maintain a professional relationship even though they both feel something for each other.  Unfortunately, when the work is finished there is trouble with getting a permit to open.  Zach has to help clear her name so they can open the lodge.

This is a Harlequin book and Zach does make love to Cynthia when she is ready.  She had told him she was a virgin and he educates her.  The descriptions are good and I love the way her horseback ride is described.  If I were single, I think I could fall for Zach, also.

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