Monday, January 21, 2013

Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs is the part of a police force that investigates other officers.

Sheriff's Deputy Rafe Franco and Lisa Tobin were college sweethearts.  They broke up because they did not want to stop each other from their after college plans.  What they did not know was that Lisa was pregnant with his child, Chloe.

Two Russians are shot and Rafe is found at the scene.  The murderer gets away but not before he shoots out one of the tires on Rafe's car.

They meet again when Rafe  and his ride answer a domestic dispute call.  Lisa's ex-husband tried to choke her.  She refused to press charges.  Her ex is a mobster but Lisa was not aware of it until Rafe tells her.  Rafe does not find out that Chloe is his until later in the book.

Rafe goes to Oliver Sloan's (the ex) apartment to question him and a woman comes out of the bedroom with white powder, so Rafe arrests them.  It turns out the woman was an undercover agent. Oliver had powerful connections so he manages to get the charges dropped after spending some time in jail.  He did not like this and decides to get payback.

When back where the Russians were killed, Rafe took a receipt.  It leads him to an apartment where one of the dead men lived.  He manages to get into the place and searches it before his sister, a homicide detective arrives.  Rafe runs away because he does not want to be caught there.

After running away, Rafe picks up Lisa and Chloe to take them to his grandmother's home for safety. When he gets home, he finds his sister there.  A traffic camera had taken a good picture of him when he ran from the apartment.  Kate's partner saw the photo and took it to Internal Affairs.  
They searched Rafe's apartment and found a gun whose bullets matched those used to kill the Russians.  They also found a deposit in his bank account so they arrest him for murder.

Rafe is taken to jail and then court.  Bail is set and Lisa puts up her house as collateral.  There is no way he could flee as most of his relatives are in law enforcement so she feels her money is safe.  They go back to his place and make love.

Since, this is a Harlequin book, everything has to be straightened out before the happy ending.

I liked this book and gave it three stars on Goodreads.  I think Rafe could have been more observant and able to see how much Chloe looked like him as his grandmother immediately noticed.   He does like his daughter from the beginning and even wishes she were his.   Rafe is a college graduate and should have been able to figure out the math, also.  If he had been smarter, I would have rated this book higher.

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