Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Haunting Obsession

I obtained this book for free for my Kindle for PC application from Amazon.com.

Haunting Obsession by R.J. Sullivan is the tale of a man with a crush on an icon.  The "obsession" is Maxine Marie who according to the author is based on Marilyn Monroe.

Daryl Beasley has pictures of Maxine Marie in his workspace and in his home.  He goes to buy his girlfriend Lorretta a birthday present and sees a framed rent check signed by Maxine and buys the check.  This causes Lorretta to break off with him.

He brings the framed check home and hence begins his problem.  Maxine appears and starts to haunt him/   When Lorretta cannot find Daryl at work, she goes to his apartment.  Loretta and Maxine fight and Daryl does all he can to get Lorretta out of his place alive.

Lorretta searchs the Internet for help and finds some.  You will have to read this book to find out what happens.

I enjoyed this book.  It is more paranormal than horror and I will thus need to find another one for my horror book.  The book is a story about love and obsession/  It gives some rules about ghosts that I was not aware of and don't know if they were just created for this work or uses in other works.


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